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Skidmore College

Residential Life

Make this place your own

The Office of Residential Life is here to help you navigate your college experience. By choosing to live on campus and attend a residential college, you are joining a tight-knit community.

The Office of Residential Life guides students as they navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by community living experiences. Our office promotes student success by fostering communities that value equity, holistic development, inclusivity, and wellbeing.

The Office of Residential Life provides students with housing, assists in students' transition to college life, handles student conduct, and promotes and provides residential programming and education. We are also always here to help and are more than happy to assist you in finding any office or resource on campus. Mission and Core Values

Current Students

What's Coming Up?

Winter Break is right around the corner! Many students take advantage of this well-deserved break for travel, but for those interested in staying on campus for any portion of the break, please sign up!

西藏11选5-英超直播The Resident Assistant application process has begun. If you're interested in applying, follow the link below.

西藏11选5-英超直播For information on events and what we're up to follow us on Instagram @skidmorereslife!


Students Moving In
Prospective Students

Explore our Campus

西藏11选5-英超直播Choosing a College is an important decision and it's important to consider many aspects. Take a minute to explore our Residence Halls and Apartments to see what Residential Life at Skidmore College has to offer.

西藏11选5-英超直播To get a sense of the programming we offer, check out our Residential Education page or Instagram!

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Residential Education


How can we help?

西藏11选5-英超直播Sending a student to College can be challenging. We view and treat our students as maturing adults, but understand that sometimes parents want to seek further information so they can assist in their students' transition. We welcome parent questions and always attempt to provide information about our policies, processes, and facilities.




Apartment living

西藏11选5-英超直播Our sought-after student apartment complexes, Northwoods Village and Sussman Village, house junior and senior students. Each apartment has a fully furnished common area including an equipped kitchen, plus laundry facilities in each building. No wonder so many students choose to live on campus!

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Residence Halls

Traditional residence halls

Residence halls are open to all students, but primarily house first years, sophomores, and some Juniors. In most halls, you and a few friends, classmates and fellow suitemates share a common bathroom. Most floors are co-ed, but you can choose options such as all women, gender neutral or substance-free floors.

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In support of Skidmore College's mission, “to educate a diverse population of talented students,” the Division of Student Affairs works with all College departments to create an integrated living and learning liberal arts experience. 

西藏11选5-英超直播At Skidmore, everyone deserves access to the highest levels of excellence in education:

  • Learning is a communal endeavor where we all learn from and teach each other.
  • Learning happens in all dimensions: intellectual, emotional, physical, social, professional, and spiritual.
  • Learning is a dynamic and integrative process of exploration across barriers and divisions.
  • Learning happens everywhere and requires opportunities, challenges, disappointments, and defeats.
  • Learning promotes growth, transformation, and the continuous interaction and meaning making of self, other, and communities.
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